Meet Jess Spieker!

Why I Became a Fitness Trainer

I became a personal fitness trainer after successfully losing 30lbs. I wanted to help others lose weight and improve their fitness levels. If you strive for a longer, healthier life, you need direction, help and support - and it's my pleasure to provide it!

What to Expect From An In-Home Personal Trainer

I come to your house workplace or condo gym and we work in your space, with your fitness gear. If needed, I'll bring equipment. I'll create a customized workout that moves you toward your goals, whether they be to lose fat, get stronger, improve mobility, or maintain conditioning. Along the way, I will teach and enforce proper technique. Basic movements like bodyweight squats, deadlifts, pushups even running look simple, but to safely perform each exercise requires knowledge of and experience with technique and biomechanics. I’ll make sure you exercise correctly so that your workout is safe and you get strong, not injured.

Motivation & Accountability

I’m high-energy and I care deeply about each one of my clients. People find my energy infectious, my investment in your success will keep you motiviated to reach your goals.

We are accountable to each other. When I come to your home, there are no excuses about working out. My arrival forces you to be accountable and get moving. It might sound harsh, but trust me, the only workout you regret is the one you skipped.

You can rely on me to come up with the customized programming that will get you leaner, stronger, faster, and fitter and keep you on track. Working out with a trainer, following a structured, evidence-based plan results in greater fitness gains than working out alone.

Leading By Example

You will read about how weight loss became a priority for me, about how when I suffered through serious injury and rehabilitation, my previous weight loss success reminded me that fitness training would bring me back from this serious injury. Sound familiar? I can relate. I've been there. Read on...